Festival 2012/Japanese Dramas
Series Drama
(The Grand Prix)
Production Rights TBS SPARKLE
TBS Television
Broadcast Period October 15 - December 17, 2021
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
60 min. x 10 ep.
(#1 = 75 min.)
Producer Junko Arai
Director Ayuko Tsukahara
Takeyoshi Yamamoto
Yoshiaki Murao
Scriptwriter Satoko Okudera
Yukako Shimizu
Cast Yuriko Yoshitaka
Kouhei Matsushita
Minami Tanaka
Yui Sakuma
Fumiya Takahashi
Hiroko Yakushimaru
Ken Mitsuishi
Kenjirou Tsuda
Mitsuhiro Oikawa
Arata Iura
 Rio Sanada, an entrepreneur who became a key witness to the murder, and Daiki Miyazaki, Rio's first love and a detective who pursues the truth of the case, and Kenichiro Kase, a lawyer who tries to protect Rio by any means. The suspense love story revolves around these three.
 Set in 2006, Shirakawa-go, Gifu-ken, Japan, Rio was living peacefully with her younger brother Yu in the college track and field club dormitory where her father, Tatsuo, worked as a dormitory superintendant and where she was popular among the residents. Rio met her first love, Daiki, at this dormitory as well. He was a college student living in the dormitory and was the star of the track and field club. They thought their happiness was going to continue forever. However, the weather was as wild as a typhoon, and the incident occurred on the evening of the day before Rio’s college entrance exam. Rio lost consciousness after talking with Kosuke Watanabe, who was visiting the dormitory, and when she woke up a little while later, she had a scratch on her arm. That night, Tatsuo came home soaking wet. Rio felt uneasy about Tatsuo's appearance, but she could not ask what had happened to her father.
 The next day, after Tatsuo sent Rio off her examination hall, he suddenly passed away due to subarachnoid hemorrhage. Moreover, Kosuke, who had been visiting the dormitory, went missing. The series centers on a number of mysterious events occurring around the small town. Rio was anxious but had to go to Tokyo because she got into the College of Pharmacy. She started living with her mother, Azusa, who had left Rio when she was young. Five years later, her younger brother Yu mysteriously disappeared.
 Fifteen years later, Rio became a leading entrepreneur, being selected as the 30th president who would change the world. One day, the body of Kosuke’s father, Akira, was found; the case was investigated as a suspicious death. Daiki, who became a detective, investigated Rio, who was an important witness in the murder case. Rio and Daiki met for the first time in fifteen years. Although the incident had long since been locked away in memory, everything came flooding back. Disappearances in the past lead to murder in the present. This is a suspense love story that depicts the truth of the incident in a completely original way.
Come Come Everybody
Production Rights NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Broadcast Period November 1, 2021 - April 8, 2022
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
15 min. × 112 ep.
Chief Producer Reijiro Horinouchi
Ken Sakurai
Producer Yuya Kasai
Kana Hashimoto
Asuka Saito
Director Mojiri Adachi
Shinichiro Hashizume
Takashi Fukagawa
Hitofumi Matsuoka
Scriptwriter Yuki Fujimoto

Cast Mone Kamishiraishi
Eri Fukatsu
Rina Kawaei
Yu Shirota
Hokuto Matsumura
Nijiro Murakami
Joe Odagiri
Kanata Hongou
Yutaka Matsushige
Ryoko Moriyama
Come Come Everybody
 A morning drama series that has been airing in Japan for 15 minutes each morning for six months and has continued for more than 60 years. "Come Come Everybody” is the 105th in the series.
 For the first time in the series, three heroines, Yasuko (Mone Kamishiraishi), Rui (Eri Fukatsu), and Hinata (Rina Kawaei), live the story of three generations of mother and child in a 100-year family story with a baton relay.
 - The first heroine is Yasuko, the daughter of a Japanese sweets shop owner. She was born on the day Japanese radio broadcasting began in 1925.
 - The second heroine is Rui, Yasuko's daughter, who leaves her hometown of Okayama to work at a dry cleaner in Osaka.
 - The third heroine is Rui's daughter, Hinata, who grows up in a downtown shopping district in Kyoto and loves samurai dramas.
 Deeply involved in their lives and shaping their destiny is the Radio English Conversation program. Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa (in the eras of the three emperors), the three heroines find their way of life in love, work, and marriage, while facing trials.
 Life can be so sweet on the sunny side of the street.
 It is a story of hope that illuminates difficult times, reminding us of the value of "seize the day" as it cherishingly depicts 100 years and the hard work of ordinary people with no names.
Love’s In Sight!
Production Rights NIPPON TV
Production Cooperation AX-ON
Broadcast Period October 16 – December 15, 2021
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
60 min. × 10 ep.
The Original "Yankee-kun and the White Cane Girl" by Uoyama
Chief Producer Masatoshi Kato
Producer Masahiro Mori
Reina Oda
Kaori Suzuki
Director Hidemi Uchida
Shunsuke Kariyama
Scriptwriter Yuko Matsuda
Cast Hana Sugisaki
Yosuke Sugino
Nobuyuki Suzuki
Momoko Tanabe
Kanata Hosoda
Meru Nukumi
Yutaro Hamada
Junki Tozuka
Goro Kishitani
Love’s In Sight!
 She’s a strong-minded girl who goes to a school for the blind, but when it comes to love, timidity gets the better of her. He’s quick to pick a fight, but deep down he’s just a pure-hearted punk. One fateful day, their destinies cross! "Love’s In Sight!” is a romantic comedy for the new generation that will bring you laughter, tears, and every so often, surprises!
 With low vision that only allows her to see light and colors vaguely, Yukiko goes to a school for the blind. Morio is a bellicose juvenile delinquent who is actually just a pure kid inside. Their chance encounter leads to mutual understanding and attraction!
Emergency Interrogation Room (4th SEASON)
Production Rights tv asahi
Production Cooperation as birds
Broadcast Period July 8 – September 16, 2021
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
54min. × 9ep.
(#1, #8, #9=64min.)
Chief Producer Yumiko Miwa(tv asahi)
Producer Ayumi Tsuzuki(tv asahi)
Rio Zamma(tv asahi)
Chizuko Matsuno(as birds)
Director Jouta Tsunehiro(tv asahi)
Naomi Kinoshita(as birds)
Scriptwriter Yumiko Inoue
Cast Yuki Amami
Tetsushi Tanaka
Mocomichi Hayami
Kosuke Suzuki
Asuka Kudo
Muga Tsukaji
Narushi Ikeda
Fumiyo Kohinata
Kaori Momoi(episode1,2)
Emergency Interrogation Room (4th SEASON)
 Yukiko Makabe (Yuki Amami), is a tough interrogator who engages herself in psychological battles with vicious criminals along with the members of the "Emergency Interrogation Team (Kintori)", a specialized team that conducts interrogations in a special room equipped with visualization facilities. Based on an original script by screenwriter Yumiko Inoue, the series depicts a "battle to the death without guns or weapons" in a "locked-room battlefield". After seven years since its first season aired in January 2014, the fourth season was broadcast in the summer of 2021. In this season, the Kintori team, now on a time limit of "100 days left until the team is dissolved" works with their unshakable sense of justice to reveal the hidden side of the suspects.
 In the first episode of the new season, celebrated actress Kaori Momoi is the guest star. Momoi plays the role of Toko Oguni, a radical activist dubbed the "Black Goddess", who became a legend 50 years ago for her "7-minute speech" appealing to people's solidarity. Kintori investigates the mystery of her reappearance as a hijacker after 50 years in hiding.
 The climax of the interrogation was shot without rehearsal at the request of Amami and Momoi.
Chef Detective
Production Rights ©”Chef Detective” Film Partners
Production TV TOKYO
st' blue Co., Ltd.
Broadcast Period May 31 – August 2, 2021
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
49 min. × 9 ep.
The Original "Taruto Tatan No Yume"
"Van Sho Wo Anata Ni"
"Macaron Wa Macaron"
Published by Sogensuiribunko
Written by Fumie Kondo
Chief Producer Masashi Abe
Producer Naofumi Takiyama
Haruhiko Hasegawa
Yuji Hiratai
Director Hisashi Kimura
Yusuke Taki
Toru Mukai
Scriptwriter Shinichi Tanaka
Mitsutoshi Saijo
Cast Hidetoshi Nishijima
Gaku Hamada
Anna Ishii
Yu Kamio
Kanta Sato
Manami Hashimoto
Kaoru Okunuki
Sylvia Grab
Wakana Matsumoto
Ken Yoshizawa
Chef Detective
 A "gourmet and mystery" drama starring Hidetoshi Nishijima, who is still fresh in our minds from his excellent performance in "Drive My Car". The story is placed in a small French bistro in Tokyo. The protagonist chef, who cooks exquisite cuisine, is calm and collected, but is rumored to brilliantly solve the mysteries of incidents and unexplainable events involving his customers.
 One evening, a couple comes to the restaurant. The man is a picky eater and makes meals thrown away without eating. The staffs are annoyed by the man's requests, but he gets to like Chef Mifune's (Hidetoshi Nishijima) witty cuisine. But actually, he has a big problem...
 On another day, a man and a woman start arguing. The man even goes on a tirade against the dessert, saying, "If I'm served this bad chocolat at the end of the day, I won't feel well for the rest of the day.” He is actually a famous chocolatier, and his store sells a halfway decent number of chocolates: 3, 5, 7, and 11... There is a tearful truth to these undivided numbers.
 Various other events are solved by Chef Mifune with a vin chaud (hot wine).
Don't Call it Mystery
Production Rights Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Broadcast Period January 10 – March 28, 2022
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
54 min. × 12 ep.
(#1 = 84 min., #12 = 69 min.)
The Original Yumi Tamura
"Mystery to Iu nakare"
Shogakukan Inc.
Producer Daisuke Kusagaya
Rie Kumagai(DAIEI TV-FILM)
Director Hiroaki Matsuyama
Shunsuke Shinada
Hideyuki Aizawa
Scriptwriter Tomoko Aizawa
Cast Masaki Suda
Sairi Ito
Matsuya Onoe
Mugi Kadowaki
Mai Shiraishi
Asami Mizukawa
Kosuke Suzuki
Michitaka Tsutsui
Eita Nagayama
Don't Call it Mystery ©Yumi Tamura / Shogakukan
©Fuji Television Network, Inc.
 Totonou Kunou is a college student who has a complex about his natural perm, has no friends or a girlfriend, and simply loves curry. He is someone who always questions about what is taken for granted in society and tries to think things through thoroughly. He has a vast amount of knowledge and develops his own theories based on his unique values. As a young guy, he has lived his life being called “annoying and troublesome” because he can’t help talking no matter what is happening around him.
 One day, he is accused of a murder he isn’t aware of. As he is interrogated by the detectives, he realizes that there are hidden clues behind the case and the problems that the detectives are facing. Then, without any desire to “solve the case,” he just talks about whatever comes to mind at his own pace, and before you know it, he has unraveled not only the mystery of the case, but also people’s hearts…
Hey Handsome!!
Production Rights TOKAI-TV
Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp.
Production Cooperation Hint, Inc.
Broadcast Period January 8 – February 26, 2022
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
55 min. × 8 ep.
The Original Risa Ito
Planning Naochika Ichino(TOKAI-TV)
Executive Producer Tomoyuki Miyagawa
(Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp.)
Producer Masatoshi Yamaguchi(Hint, Inc.)
Keisuke Tohyama(TOKAI-TV)
Yoko Tsukada(Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp.)
Michiko Fujii(Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp.)
Director Masatoshi Yamaguchi(Hint, Inc.)
Scriptwriter Masatoshi Yamaguchi(Hint, Inc.)
Cast Kotaro Yoshida
Haruka Kinami
Yui Sakuma
Rena Takeda
Mahiro Takasugi
Maho Nonami
Rina Ohta
Kenta Hamano
Hey Handsome!!
 This is a drama about family, food, and turbulent love, which portrays the everyday lives of an ordinary Japanese family, while touching on some of the finer points in life.
 The family's three daughters, who can’t even agree on how to eat sunny side up egg, have one thing in common. They have bad taste in men! For the sake of their futures, their unpredictable stubborn father decides to take action!
 Gentaro Ito lives with his wife in Tokyo and their three daughters have all moved out to live their splendid lives. However, Yuka, the eldest, is single and is doing well at work, but seems to always be "the other woman." Rika, the second daughter, married a successful husband and lives in Osaka, but they are on the verge of divorce. Mika, the youngest, is unmarried, and has finally decided to move out, but her boyfriend, an aspiring but talentless manga artist, is frequently staying at her new home.
 Gentaro is worried sick about their poor choice of men, and so, in the middle of the night, he suddenly brings home a man he approve of!
 What will tomorrow bring for the family!?
Single Drama
(The Grand Prix)
Bullets, Bones and Blocked Noses
Production Rights NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Production Company NHK ENTERPRISES
Broadcast Period September 17,
September 24,
October 1, 2021
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
43 min. 30 sec. × 3 ep.
Chief Producer Naoyuki Shibata
Koji Sakabe
Yoshihiko Yamamoto
Director Joe Odagiri
Scriptwriter Joe Odagiri
Cast Sosuke Ikematsu
Joe Odagiri
Masatoshi Nagase
Kumiko Aso
Tsubasa Honda
Eita Nagayama
Jun Kunimura
Yutaka Matsushige
Akira Emoto
Isao Hashizume
Koichi Sato etc.
Bullets, Bones and Blocked Noses
 Police dog handler Aoba Ippei has a problem. It's called Oliver. To others, Oliver is a genius police dog that comes from a long line of geniuses, but to Ippei, he appears -- literally -- as a lazy, foul-mouthed, middle-aged man in a dog costume.
 One day, Ippei and Oliver are investigating a fraud case when they discover a gun connected to an 11-year-old case of a missing girl. And in following the cold case, the duo gets entangled in a turf war between quasi-gangsters and the Yakuza who are suspected of being behind the girl's death. Eventually, an even bigger secret comes to light--. A weird, fantastic, suspenseful(?) mystery.
 Written and directed by, and also starring (as the dog) Joe Odagiri.
Ultraman and his Bigger-than-life Creators
Production Rights NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Tokyo Video Center
Production Cooperation NHK Global Media Service
Broadcast Period May 2, 2022
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
89 min. × 1 ep.
Chief Producer Takahiro Yokoyama
Akihiko Moteki
Fumiko Nakamura
Producer Mariko Arai
Director Yuji Nakae
Scriptwriter Yuji Nakae
Cast Shinnosuke Mitsushima
Takara Sakumoto
Munetaka Aoki
Mitsuru Hirata
Reo Tamaoki
Honami Kurashita
Toshiki Ayata
Ultraman and his Bigger-than-life Creators
 This drama depicts the unknown lives of two Okinawan writers of the superhero "Ultraman" series TV shows, which became major hits 50 years ago. The show’s young writers -- Tetsuo Kinjo and Shozo Uehara -- survived WW2 in Okinawa, came to Tokyo with passports as Okinawa was under American rule until 1972, yet became coveted main writers for Tsuburaya Productions. They were passionate about peace and equality so Ultraman fought for justice but showed compassion for enemy monsters. Eventually, society began seeking serious stories, and Kinjo’s happy monster stories were no longer a hit. Feeling lost, Kinjo returned to Okinawa to be a bridge between turbulent Okinawa and mainland Japan. But he struggled, caught between both sides. At age 37, Kinjo died in an accident, leaving behind many dreams. Meanwhile, Uehara stayed in Tokyo and wrote 1,000-plus scripts for children’s shows until he died at 82. Interviewing people who knew the men and the production, our program brings to life behind-the-scenes stories of the men’s journeys, while depicting the light and shadow of Okinawa before and after its return to Japan, and the creators’ dreams and setbacks.
My Small Land
Production Rights NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Broadcast Period March 24, 2022
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
<Part 1> 50 min.
<Part 2> 39 min.
Chief Producer Hideki Fujinami
Co-Producer Yu Shibuya
Producer Ken Kurasaki
Megmi Banse
Scriptwriter/Director Emma Kawawada
Cast Lina Arashi
Daiken Okudaira
Arash Kahafi Zadeh
Lilly Kahafi Zadeh
Kan Hanae
Sahel Rosa
Takashi Fujii
Chizuru Ikewaki
Sei Hiraizumi
My Small Land
 For Sarya(17), a Kurdish refugee girl in Japan, life seems to be looking up; her grades at school are enough to pursue college, she’s surrounded with good friends and her relationship with Sota is becoming special. Sarya’s life becomes upside down, however, when she learns that her family’s refugee status is turned down, restricting her family of work and traveling across the city. Her father, who had continued to work to sustain a living, is taken into custody for illegal employment. Sarya is now suddenly forced into a situation where she is responsible not only for her younger siblings but for her very existence.
UMEKO: The Face of Female Education
Production Rights tv asahi
Production Cooperation KADOKAWA DAIEI STUDIO
Broadcast Period March 5, 2022
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
125 min. × 1 ep.
Executive Producer Satoko Uchiyama
Producer Akiko Amy Kanda
Takuya Nakagome
Ryosuke Yamagata
Director Meiji Fujita
Scriptwriter Atsuko Hashibe
Cast Suzu Hirose
Elaiza Ikeda
Yui Sakuma
Emma Miyazawa
Kami Hiraiwa
Dean Fujioka
Kei Tanaka
Yuki Uchida
Hideaki Ito
Mieko Harada
UMEKO: The Face of Female Education
 In the 4th year of Meiji (1871), six-year-old Umeko (Ume) Tsuda was the first female student in Japan to travel to the U.S. on the recommendation of her father, Sen (Hideaki Ito). At the time, there was no place in Japan for women to receive a quality education, so the Hokkaido Development Commissioner had decided to dispatch a female exchange student. Ume endured the loneliness of being away from her mother, Hatsu (Yuki Uchida), and other family members, and went to the U.S. with a mission in mind. In the U.S., she was supported by Arinori Mori (Dean Fujioka), who later became the first Minister of Education.
 In 1882, at the age of 17, Ume (Suzu Hirose) returned to Japan after 11 years of study. She discusses her dream with Sutematsu Yamakawa (Elaiza Ikeda) and Shige Nagai (Yui Sakuma), who had completed their studies together, to create an English school where anyone can learn English. However, the status of women is still low and Ume cannot even find a place to work. Then Shige decides to marry a man she met while studying abroad... Sutematsu also marries Iwao Oyama, an army lord as old as her father. Ume feels depressed because her dream seems to be slipping away. In the meantime, Ume takes a live-in job as a tutor for Hirobumi Ito's (Kei Tanaka) wife and child. Although she was busy, she decided to study abroad at an American university again. Upon returning to Japan, she opens the Women's English School.
Production Rights TV TOKYO
Production Cooperation KYODO TELEVISION, LTD.
Broadcast Period December 31, 2021
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
73 min. 55 sec. × 1 ep.
The Original Kodoku no Gourmet
Masayuki Kusumi
Jiro Taniguchi (Weekly Spa!)
Chief Producer Rina Sobue
Producer Yukitoshi Komatsu
Kenji Yoshimi
Kento Kitao
Director Takafumi Igawa
Ryuichi Kitabata
Go Sasaki
Scriptwriter Yoshihiro Taguchi
Cast Yutaka Matsushige
Masayuki Kusumi
Kazutoyo Koyabu
Masayo Umezawa
Akiyoshi Nakao
Mako Ishino
Mirai Yamamoto
 On December 29th. Goro Inokashira (Yutaka Matsushige), an import goods dealer, is having his last business meeting of the year with Yasuo Minoda (Kazutoyo Koyabu), the owner of a traditional fisherman's house in Ine, Kyoto. When Goro is about to finish the business meeting, he is asked to deliver something to Tokyo, which he agrees to do. To his surprise, it was a car. He reluctantly agrees, but it is a delicate classic car, and in addition, it is small and difficult to drive.
 "I should never have accepted it." Goro regrets it as soon as he leaves. He sets off for Tokyo, but... He gets lost and ends up in Tanba Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture. Hungry, Goro enters a restaurant tucked away in the mountains, where the proprietress (Masayo Umezawa) comes out to greet him... The film depicts the three days from December 29 to 31, 2021, New Year's Eve.
Local Drama Award
Production Rights NHK Kagoshima Station
Broadcast Period March 16, 2022
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
59 min. × 1 ep.
Chief Producer Susumu Suwa
Producer Shiro Yoneyama
Masahiro Chazono
Director Toyo Ojima
Scriptwriter Roba Shimori

Cast Fuka Koshiba
Hidetaka Yoshioka
Hiromi Nagasaku
Atsuhiro Inukai
Misako Tanaka
Mitsuru Fukikoshi
Sara Takatsuki
Ayano Kudo
 Sakurajima is a symbol of Kagoshima Prefecture. Its outstanding landscape brings life to a city. The government promotes Kagoshima city as "MAGMA CITY" since it is located near Sakurajima: an active volcano. On the other hand, it also means that Sakurajima still smokes constantly today. Looking back on a long history, the volcano eruptions often lead to disasters in Kagoshima city. Chika Sakamoto (Fuka Koshiba) works for a real estate agency in the city. She struggles at work, and so as her relationship with a partner Yohei (Atsuhiro Inukai), from being indecisive towards his proposal.
 One day, Kojiro Tsumura (Hidetaka Yoshioka) visits the agency to look for a place to live. He tells Chika that he never had any connection to Kagoshima. Chika introduces her highly recommended apartment, where magnificent view of Sakurajima can be seen from. However, while he looks around the room, he suddenly says the words she has never expected to hear. "I want a room without a view of Sakurajima." After a while, Chika encountered Ayako, who runs a restaurant in Sakurajima and finally notices Kojiro's "hidden thoughts" behind his words...
 The drama takes place in the city along with natural disasters, where a man and a woman in two different generations are looking for "Happiness" while they cannot be honest to rely on one another.
Summer Days
Production Rights TOKAI-TV
Broadcast Period September 12, 2021
Running Time x
No. of Episodes
85 min. × 1 ep.
Producer Takeo Ikai (TOKAI-TV)
Yosuke Toda(TELEPACK)
Director Mizuho Shizukuishi(TELEPACK)
Scriptwriter Nanoha Ito

Cast Yuna Taira
Ken Sugawara
Yumiko Fujita
Issey Ogata
Summer Days
 Based on the themes of "hometown" and "family ties", this is a comical and heartfelt story about a "granddaughter" and a "grandfather" who overcome adversity with a smile.
 Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture is home to the headquarters of Toyota Motor Corporation. Whilst leading the world as a center of manufacturing, the city is mostly peaceful countryside, with 70% of its area taken up by forests, and the clear Yahagi River running throughout.
 Akari, a university student living in Tokyo, returns to her family home in Toyota City for the summer holidays to tell them about the job offer she has received. However, upon returning home she is shocked to receive news that the offer has been cancelled. On top of this she learns that her beloved grandma is suffering from dementia and Akari begins to bitterly regret not returning home more often.
 At the same time, her childhood friend Yutaka, who has taken over his families peach orchard, proposes to her out of the blue. Despite trying to find a job in Tokyo, Akari has yet to discover what she really wants to do with her life and is feeling unsure about her future. Then one day, her dementia-stricken grandma goes missing...
Best Performance
by an Actor

Masaki Suda
Masaki Suda
"Don’t Call it Mystery"
Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Best Performance
by an Actress

Yuriko Yoshitaka
Yuriko Yoshitaka
Best Performance
by an Actor in
a Supporting Role

Joe Odagiri
Joe Odagiri
"Come Come Everybody"
NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Best Performance
by an Actress in
a Supporting Role

Wakana Matsumoto
Wakana Matsumoto
"Involvement in Family Affairs"
Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Best Screenplay

Yuki Fujimoto
Yuki Fujimoto
"Come Come Everybody"
NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)

Best Director

Ayuko Tsukahara
Ayuko Tsukahara
Theme Song Award
AI "Aldebaran"
"Come Come Everybody"
NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)