J Series Festival

Vietnam 1st Event

J Series Festival First Time in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

1.Outline of the Event

J Series Festival
  • Date: December 17 (Sat), 2016, starting from 18:30
  • Venue: Nguyen Du Stadium (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Audience: about 1,600
  • Casts : Atsuko Maeda (ex-AKB48 member), Mokomichi HAYAMI, Rei, Rina KATAHIRA
On December 17 (Sat), the J Series Festival was held in the "Nguyen Du Stadium", a multiuse facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The "J Series Festival" has started in 2013 in Thailand as new promotion means for promoting the Japanese broadcast contents to the overseas. It has been held 3 times in Thailand and once in Indonesia. This was the first time in Vietnam. On the day of the event, the fans of Japanese cultures have gathered around the venue from early on, resulting in the large audience of 1600 people. This time, the casts from Japan were four, namely Mokomichi HAYAMI, Atsuko MAEDA, Rina KATAHIRA, and Rei. In addition to them, Vietnamese top musicians, Song Tung M-TP and Dong Nhi also casted.
The People before Opening
18:00 Opening
18:30 Start : Opening Act
18:38 Music Live: Rina KATAHIRA, Dong Nhi
19:02 Drama Digests
In Vietnam, the Japanese contents and artists have not gained a high recognition. Therefore, the promotion this time was carried out with some ingenuities on the staging of the event, casting, and the PR methods. Firstly, for introducing the Japanese drama, we introduced dramas of various genres (digests), so that the people having no knowledges on Japanese drama would understand that Japanese dramas are high in quality and abundant in variation. To deepen their understanding, we prepared a VTR to introduce the dramas by Vietnamese overseas students in Japan. The VTR includes location shooting for Tokyo sightseeing. The students talked about the charms of the Japanese drama in viewpoint of Vietnamese, together with the message of "Visit Japan."
The casting was selected based on the questionnaire carried out in advance on the local youth to find out their favorite Japanese dramas and actors/actresses/artists, whom they want to visit Vietnam.
19:30 Japanese Guests (Atsuko Maeda, Mokomichi HAYAMI)
20:07 Drama Introduction by BEAJ project
As the project by the Broadcast program Export Association of Japan, we performed PR for 3 programs to introduce the sightseeing and culture in Japan, which will be broadcasted from the Vietnamese broadcast stations. For one of the programs, some casts in the program came on the stage and introduced the contents of the program etc.
20:22 Music Live: Rei, Song Tung M-TP
16:30 Surprise Drawing
21:20 Reception Party

2.Media Exposure

As this is the first time to hold the event in Vietnam, we considered it important to obtain as many Vietnamese people as possible, who get to know the J Series Festival. To diffuse into the young generation, we established the partnership with "Yan TV", a cable TV station for broadcasting music programs for the youth in Vietnam. Yan TV made pre-event announcement and post-event diffusion, and broadcasted the recoding of the event as a program later, which has not been done previously..
(a)Pre-Event PR
Announcement via Yan TV broadcasting and the Internet
This time we established the partnership with "Yan TV", a cable TV station in Vietnam to diffuse into Vietnam via the announcements through the Yan TV broadcasting and digital media, in order to obtain as many Vietnamese people as possible, who get to know about J Series Festival. Specifically, 197 times exposures such as introduction in Yan TV programs, Introduction as event information, and spot announcement were made. Regarding the digital media, the advertisement of the event was made on the news site, Facebook, the news letters to the mail magazine subscribers of the Yan TV.
(b) Post Event PR
Special programs created and broadcasted by Yan TV
Yan TV recorded the event on December 17, and edited it into a 30-min special program (Yan Special) and broadcasted it (on January 12 (and 13 for rebroadcasting), 2017). Moreover, Yan TV broadcasted the some scenes of the J series festivals in the other programs as a topic, and broadcasted 30-sec spots to try to diffuse the event in Vietnam. The post-event PR was carried out 75 times through Yan TV. Regarding the digital media, 32 network news sites mentioned about the event apart from Yan TV.