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International Drama Festival in TOKYO 2023 Executive Organization Chart


Affiliated Body

Executive Committee of International DRAMA Festival in TOKYO
The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association / TBS Television, Inc.
Nippon Television Network Corporation / TV Asahi Corporation
Fuji Television Network, Inc. / TV TOKYO Corporation / WOWOW, Inc. /
NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)/ Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan /
Shochiku Co., Ltd. / Toho Co., Ltd. / Toei Corp. / KADOKAWA Corp. /
Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies
Japan Association of Music Enterprises /
Center for Performers' Rights Administration(CPRA)

"International Drama Festival in TOKYO 2023" Executive Committee Members
Chairman: Ryunosuke Endo (President, The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association)
Vice Chairman: Koichi Minato (Vice President, The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association)
Hiroo Yamana (Executive Director, Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Executive Producer: Junichi Katsuki (Vice President, All Nippon Producers Association)
Special Committee Member: Takashi Ishihara (President, Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corporation)
Committee Members: Takanobu Goda (Board Director, TBS Television, Inc.)
Keiichi Sawa (Board Director, Operating Officer, Nippon Television Network Corp.)
Arata Nishi (Executive Director, TV Asahi Corp.)
Mina Masaya (Executive Managing Director, Fuji Television Network, Inc.)
Takashi Nagata (Managing Director, TV TOKYO Corp.)
Hideki Tashiro (Senior Managing Executive Officer, WOWOW Inc.)
Yotaro Yashiki (Director of Program Production Center 3, General Media Administration, Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Takuya Horiki (Executive Director, The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association)
Toru Ota (Vice Chairman, Overseas Content Development Committee, The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association)
Yoichi Fukuura (Board Chairman, The Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies)
Minami Ichikawa (Senior Managing Executive Officer, Member of the Board, Toho Co., Ltd.)
Masatomo Takito (Chairman, Japan Association of Music Enterprises)
Joe Sakimoto (Chairman, Executive Committee, Center for Performers’ Rights Administration)
Mitsunobu Ozaki (Executive Director, All Nippon Producers Association)
Takeshi Matsuo (Comptroller, All Nippon Producers Association)
Senior Adviser: Hajime Shigemura (Audit and Supervisory Board Member, Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.)